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Stand Up for Your Rights With Chris Sanders Law PLLC

Stand Up for Your Rights With Chris Sanders Law PLLC

Employment law, political consulting and community leadership consulting in Louisville, KY & around the country

Are you facing wage theft? Misclassification as a so called "independent contractor?" Working off the clock? Whistleblowing? Gender Discrimination? Sanders can help with all of your employment legal and consulting needs. Call Chris Sanders Law PLLC located in Louisville, Kentucky for workplace litigation and political consulting assistance. Sanders is a reputable representative who’ll work hard to protect your rights throughout the legal process.

One-on-one assistance throughout your case

For many years, Chris Sanders has stood up for the rights of clients like you, both in and out of the courtroom. One-on-one assistance with your legal case, organizing or consulting, whether you’re dealing with wage theft, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, a campaign or whistleblowing, you can trust Chris Sanders Law PLLC with your case. 

Chris Sanders has experience in the following practice areas:

To speak with a lawyer that understands your legal or campaign needs, call Chris Sanders at 502-814-0094. Call today about your case or campaign, consultations are free of charge! 

Choose a lawyer who is on your side

It’s really all about jobs. We’re in a time of rising inequality and disappearing jobs. Workers need power and rights while on the job like never before. And communities need help to bring jobs back. Business, politics, labor and law have to work together to restore the American dream. Chris Sanders is here to help.

Call today to schedule a consultation with Chris Sanders of Chris Sanders Law PLLC in Louisville, KY and serving clients around the country. He’ll go over your case and give you a free estimate.

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