Grow Your Community With Chris Sanders Law PLLC

Grow Your Community With Chris Sanders Law PLLC

Efficient and effective community leadership consulting in Louisville, KY & around the country

Do you need help developing or managing your organization? Turn to Chris Sanders Law PLLC. Chris Sanders is dedicated to helping nonprofit establishments, faith-based organizations and other communities meet strategic and management needs in the Louisville, Kentucky & around the United States. 

Ongoing management support in Louisville, KY

Operating in a nexus of law, labor, faith and politics, Chris Sanders’ goal is to help you with management and development solutions through consultation, evaluation and training. Sanders has community leadership consulting experience in the following areas:

  • Coalition building
  • Progressive faith relationships
  • Labor-community coalitions
  • Job growth
  • Alt-labor organizations
  • High-road business partnerships
  • Economic development
  • Strategic planning
  • Communications

Get the development and management help you need today. For community leadership consulting, call Chris Sanders Law PLLC at 502-814-0094. All consulting services are based on a flat fee per month.