Chris Sanders Employment Law Attorney & Consultant in Louisville, KY

When I say that I’m a lawyer for working people, what I mean to say is that, no matter your occupation, I am here to provide legal support when you run into questions or issues at work. Outside of the office, I strive to better the Kentucky community through partnerships with local businesses, politicians, nonprofits, and churches.

Working With You To Make Changes That Matter

If you want to address a concern that impacts your community or workplace, I'd like to help

Teaming Up with People Who Believe in Their Cause

I am passionate about making my community a better place to live and work. When I meet others who share in that mentality, I am always eager to join forces. If you have thoughts on how to improve Kentucky’s economic empowerment, race relations, or overall work environment, I encourage you to give me a call so that we can bounce ideas off one another.

Determining the Best Way to Proceed

Making changes within your community is perfectly possible when you work with others who share your vision. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, your project may call for coordinating a community event, hosting a fundraiser, filing a lawsuit, or a number of other steps. Fortunately, I am experienced in each of these respects and am always open to hearing new ideas, as well.

Putting Political & Social Connections to Good Use

Impacting social change can seem like a big or even impossible task, but let me make one thing very clear. When we team up, my resources become your resources. My professional network includes many local businesses, organizations, nonprofits, politicians, and churches — each of which has the potential to help get our project or legal plan up and running.

Turning Ideas into Practical Results

Once we’ve formulated our plan of action, it’s time to get to work. For my part, I am prepared to use my skills and experience as a lawyer, consultant, political advisor, campaign manager, and speaker. In other words, whether you need help strategizing, organizing, coordinating, negotiating, litigating, or even rallying the troops — I am up for the task. Even better, I am happy to do these things and more if it means contributing to a good cause.

Don't Hesitate To Reach Out. I Take Calls 24/7.

As someone who has organized community events, managed political campaigns, and represented workers in all kinds of employment lawsuits, I am speaking with the utmost sincerity when I say that you are welcome to call me anytime. I am used to working at odd hours, and I am more than happy to answer a question, discuss a concern, or hear all about an epiphany that has hit you at one in the morning on a Saturday.

Practice Areas

Combining business, politics, labor, and law to restore the American dream

Employment Law

You have a right to fair wages and hours, non-discriminatory treatment, and an overall healthy work environment. Contact me if you’ve experienced anything less.

Class Action Lawsuits

If you know or suspect that an employer is mistreating its workers, please let me know. I have the tools and knowledge to file a lawsuit against such employers.

Law, Labor, Faith and Politics

Need help navigating the twists and turns of law, labor, faith, and politics? That’s my wheelhouse. Turn to Chris Sanders Law PLLC.

Nonprofit Development & Formation

Are you considering starting a nonprofit organization in Kentucky? Rely on Chris Sanders Law PLLC to guide you through the process.

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I'm an activist who uses legal knowledge and experience to help others advance social justice issues in Louisville, in Kentucky, and really anywhere in the United States. I am active in law, labor, faith, and politics, and I got my start working with and for labor unions. I have been on the side of the working class ever since.

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You won't believe this one. Some people were working in construction. The company didn't pay them overtime. Instead, it paid bonuses. A bonus, a flat amount every two weeks, instead of time and a half. The same amount each and every two weeks no matter how many hours worked.

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If You Want To See A Change, Speak Out

Let's Make Your Voice Heard

Class Action Lawsuits

Have You Seen Injustice

In The Workplace?

Employers have a duty to provide fair wages and hours to their employees. If you've seen or experienced otherwise, you may have grounds to file a class action lawsuit.

If you suspect that an employer is mistreating its employees, please contact me for help.

Perhaps you are a worker who has seen or experienced unfair treatment. Perhaps you are a fellow attorney looking for experienced counsel in this area of law. In either case, don’t hesitate to give me a call. Together, we can push back against noncompliant employers.

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Take A Stand Today To Prevent Future Injustice For Others

Anyone can see injustice taking place, but not everyone is willing to speak up when they see it. Throughout the U.S., workplace issues run rampant, yet workers hesitate to take action. Here in Kentucky, outdated race relations continue to keep our society divided, yet many people are afraid to talk about it

As an attorney — and, more importantly, a person — who believes we can effect real change regarding these issues, I implore you to use your voice. When you see an issue that impacts your workplace, your community, or something even bigger, talk to someone who can help you do something about it. It’s alright if you don’t know exactly how to fix the problem. That’s the whole point of reaching out for help.

The Next Generation Will Thank You

When you raise a red flag on an issue today, you are potentially starting a chain reaction that will affect others for years to come. For instance, let’s say that your employer has failed to pay you for overtime work. You decide to discuss the matter with a lawyer — just to see whether it would be worth it to pursue legal action.

After speaking with your attorney, you discover that you’re not the first person this has happened to. Others have been denied fair overtime wages, too. You decide to have your attorney file a class action lawsuit against your employer and win. As a result, you’ve not only righted a wrong that impacts you and your colleagues — you’ve also prevented the same thing from happening to the next generation of workers at that company.