Extremely Grateful

I was fortunate to receive recommendations from physicians and attorney friends to hire Attorney Chris Sanders. I was so grateful I followed the recommendation. Mr. Sanders is a concerned, attentive, knowledgeable, and solution oriented Attorney. Due to the professionalism and correctness of his expertise my unemployment was reversed and successful.


Honest & Trustworthy

Mr. Sanders recently represented me with an issue I had. My situation was very complex and hard to explain, but I soon realized that Mr. Sanders understood my complex case and possessed the experience and knowledge to vigorously represent me. He is very adept with current and changing laws. I must admit that I had consulted with numerous attorneys prior, but did not get the impression that they fully grasped my case to effectively represent me. Throughout, Mr. Sanders did an exceptional job keeping me abreast with the development of my case and was quick to respond to questions I had. He is very thorough, reliable and competent, and unlike most attorneys I have dealt with prior, Mr. Sanders speaks directly to his clients. The quality service and representation received was exceptional, and his fees were quite reasonable too. Mr. Sanders is an attorney of integrity and unsurpassable trust. He is someone with whom clients easily build lasting relationships because he cares; not only about his clients throughout their cases, but even after.


Chris Does Things Right

Chris has been working with our organization now for over a year. He has become a trusted voice whenever we need support, advice, and overall legal services. Whether it's writing, negotiating, or reviewing contracts, considering business models or liabilities for special events, or even just getting feedback on partnerships and strategies, Chris is always there to help. He is personable and brings his years of experience in multiple sectors to each conversation. He's extremely fair with a powerful moral compass. And, while his skills are incredibly broad, if there's ever something that another expert is more equipped to handle, Chris can/will immediately connect you with someone he trusts to get the job done well.


He Made a World of Difference

I needed Chris' help in a political consulting capacity instead of a legal capacity. He joined my Senate campaign as a campaign manager pretty late in the game, and really delivered the help I needed so that I could focus on being a candidate without having to manage my own campaign and staff. We were a scrappy underfunded campaign, yet we still managed to make pretty significant waves across Kentucky and even in prominent national circles. I'm not sure we would have been able to build that energy and momentum towards the end of the race, nor finished with such a respectable showing and vote total, if we hadn't brought Chris on board. He handled an inherently high-pressure situation with grace and unwavering confidence, and I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.


Very Helpful

I would like to thank Mr.Sanders. While I didn’t have a need to file a particular case, he was very helpful in helping me understand the complexities of KY’s unemployment office these days. Thank you Chris for taking just a few minutes here and there to answer my questions.