Employment Law


One day you’re working hard, getting along with the boss and everybody, you like what you do, and it’s all good. Then it isn’t. The harassment starts. Or you don’t feel like you’re on the team any more, you get a write-up, and it’s all down hill from there. Or you learn you and others like you are getting paid less than everyone else. Are you facing wage theft? Misclassification as a so called "independent contractor?" Working off the clock? Whistleblowing? The list of trouble goes on.

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If you feel it’s time to discuss your employment concerns with a lawyer, come to Chris Sanders for counsel. He’ll gladly help you with:

  • Wage-hour claims for unpaid wages and wage theft

    • Some people are forced to work “off the clock”. Some people are mislabeled “managers” to deny them overtime. Some people just don’t get paid for all the time they put in.

    • It’s all wage theft, and it costs millions of Americans billions of dollars in lost wages every year. Wage-hour class action and collective-action lawsuits get groups of working people paid.

  • Racial discrimination

    • Race discrimination is real, whether is obvious or lurking below the surface. Sometimes it costs one person her job, sometimes it hurts all the people of color on the job. Failure to promote, unequal pay, and discriminatory discharge are all illegal.

  • Gender discrimination

    • Women still don’t get paid the same as men for the same work. There’s a “glass ceiling” that keeps qualified women from getting ahead. Speaking the truth that everyone knows doesn’t have to be risky. Individuals, or all the affected women together, can take action alone or together to get fair pay and treatment.

  • Age discrimination

    • Older workers, men and women, get targets on their backs after years of faithful service. Getting passed by for promotion and getting set up for discharge is outrageous, and it hurts. Calling the company on its mistreatment shouldn’t be risky. Don’t suffer alone and in silence. Take action by yourself, or with others.

  • Sexual harassment

    • The #MeToo movement is teaching us all just how much harassment happens to so many on the job. Mostly women, by far, but sometimes men, too. It hurts, and the trauma can last for years. Speaking up can be risky. But harassment and retaliation are illegal, and the good news is that more and more people get it. And the law is on your side.