Are politics and religion always divisive?

As the saying goes, “We’re living in interesting times.” That’s putting it way too mildly. The new saying is, “We’re living in divided times.” America is red and blue, liberal and conservative, Democratic and Republican, in or out, up or down.

All this division can be exhausting. People of goodwill and balanced temperament, who don’t like fighting, drop out instead of jumping in. Whether you engage or not is your choice: it’s a calling, or it’s not. That’s up to you.

But there is good news for the politically exhausted. Once in a while, political advocacy, especially among people of faith, crosses the drawn lines. I’ve experienced it in the struggle for justice in lending for poor people.

Payday lending, title loans, car loans, and more are debt traps. People of faith all across the country, liberal and conservative, are standing together to bring change and bring relief to the “least of these” God’s children.

There’s much, much more to say about lending-reform advocacy. That’s for another day and another post. But my point in this moment is only that we aren’t always divided. Americans can come together across the lines we’ve drawn to stand up and speak out together.

Let’s keep looking for common ground and united advocacy.

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