I just got fired from my job, now what? File for unemployment.

Discharge from employment, “getting fired”, can be really traumatic. And bewildering. The initial shock leaves you reeling. The sense of betrayal by people you thought were loyal friends hurts. The worry about what will happen to you and yours keeps you up at night.

Clear your head. Take it one step at a time. Step one- file for unemployment compensation. It’s not the same as your regular weekly paycheck for wages, but it’s there to tide you over until you get another job. You may have heard something that leads you to believe you won’t draw unemployment benefits. Your friends may say you won’t get it. Don’t let that stop you. Don’t talk yourself out of trying. Leave eligibility up to the unemployment office. Go ahead and file. The worst that can happen is that you’re ineligible. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I’ll discuss Step Two in an upcoming post soon.

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