Racial Harassment 2019

People ask me, "is racial harassment real?...

...I mean, we're long past Jim Crow. This isn't the fifties and sundown towns. It's 2019. Do people call you with overt, out-and-out racial harassment and discrimination?"

Well, yes. In just in the last week, without disclosing too much, I've gotten calls from

  • a warehouse worker who complained about racial harassment, only to get 4 flat tires and a note saying n-----, you better shut your mouth
  • a construction worker who was told a better job on the site is white man's work, and
  • an interracial couple forced out with threats and epithets

It must be the times and the tension. Bigots don't bother talking under their breath or in dog whistles. They just come out with it, "speaking their minds", as if that makes it okay.

Y'all know that's illegal. Do something about it.

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