Types of Class Action Lawsuits

Class actions: a group of people banding together against a common opponent for a shared injustice. For instance, when a company continually fails to give its workers the appropriate wages and hours, those workers might come together and decide to file a class action lawsuit against their employer.

In this scenario, winning their case means two important things for the employees: 1) The company must pay them the amount the court has deemed appropriate, and 2) They can rest easier knowing that the company will think twice before inflicting the same treatment on others.


There are countless reasons that might cause a group of people to take legal action, especially when the injustice they’ve experienced puts their safety or livelihood at risk. For example, many class action lawsuits occur when a company or manufacturer unwittingly puts an unsafe part or product on the market. It is also common for class action lawsuits to be filed when a company is noncompliant with modern employment laws. In my practice, I focus more specifically on the latter — on lawsuits that impact my clients’ ability to collect a fair wage in a safe and lawful work environment.


Whether it impacts one worker or 10,000, I have no tolerance for mistreatment in the workplace. Below are some of the issues that I frequently handle in my mission to right the wrongs of employers — both in Kentucky and throughout the U.S.

Unfair Wages and Hours

If your employer has forced you to work off the clock, denied you proper breaks, or paid you the wrong amount for minimum wage or overtime work, do not stay silent. With the help of an experienced attorney, you could be compensated for these wrongs.

Denied Benefits 

Employers have a duty to provide proper benefits to their employees. If you, like so many others, have run into benefits-related issues with your employer, it may be in your best interests to explore your legal options.


How you are treated at the workplace should be a reflection of your skill and work ethic — not your age, race, gender, religion, or ethnicity. If you have been denied a raise or promotion, fired, or otherwise treated unfairly for such a reason, it is likely that others have, too.


Whether it is sexual harassment, bullying, general hostile behavior, or another form of workplace harassment, it needs to be stopped. Let’s join forces to put a stop to this unacceptable behavior.

Wrongful Termination

In addition to discrimination, there are a number of other reasons why an employer might wrongfully terminate an employee. For example, if your employer fired you in retaliation for filing a complaint or whistleblowing, you have every right to take legal action against them.

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